The Lazy Girl's Guide to Effortless Style

If you look in my closet,  you'll quickly notice that dresses form the basis of my wardrobe.  You might assume that this is because i'm a super girly girl.  Or because I love a good twirling pic. While all of the above are true, I really love dresses because I am LAZY.  

I know, fashion bloggers are supposed to be into getting dressed up and all that.  And I mean, yes I like it! But I also really like to keep it simple, and I really like to sleep.  So my secret for looking put together with minimal effort guessed it, dresses!  

Psst: sorry if you were expecting a full blown style guide.  This is more like one of my many tricks...I'll post more in the future ;)

Dresses require no matching, no tucking, nothing.  Pretty much I can hit snooze 10x, put on a dress, throw my hair in a bun, add some lipstick and hop into my car for my hour + commute to my day job.  Somehow when I arrive, my clients still think I am oh so polished and worthy of billable hour...HAH fooled ya!

A good sheath dress like the one I'm wearing can do double duty.  I've worn this one in a board meeting by throwing a matching blazer over it (like this one) and the textured fabric also makes it perfect for a weekend by the beach somewhere.  Hopefully I'm jetting off to Mexico soon, which is what I was envisioning when I added this hat (it would also look great with this one!)  They also look great with a neck scarf (like this one!) or a cozy cardigan like this one when it gets cooler. I like to pair sheaths with a strappy heel to amp things up a bit.  I love this pair and this pair too.

What are some of your tricks for getting ready fast in the morning? I need all the sleep I can get so I would love it if you would share them with me!

stay gold,




Blush Magic

I love spring's many everywhere, blue skies and sunnier days.  To honor the season, I love to wear pink makeup.

Applying bright colors can be a little tricky, but luckily the girls at AECO brushes recently gifted me a set.  The brushes are amazing, affordable and I think you'll love them.  They are very dense and soft, and super fluffy and comfortable on my sensitive skin.

A lot of sets are sold out right now, but they are re-stocking as fast as they can (a testimony to the high quality of the brushes!) Best of all, they are super affordable, with most individual brushes under $5 and full sets that cost no more than $30! 

The girls behind these brushes are two local OC college friends.  I love supporting local businesses, especially ones run by young girlbosses!  You go girls! Delivering affordable, high quality products is no easy feat, so can we get a round of applause for these babes please?!

The products I'm wearing are listed below.  Remember to start with a perfect foundation canvas, and finish it with a setting powder.  First, use a pointed fluffy brush to apply your contour powder. Then take a fluffy round brush, and apply a bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, blend out and upwards towards your hairline for rosy high cheekbones.  If you'd like more details, just comment below! You can click on each picture to make it bigger and see how I blend my colors.

stay gold,