Letter from the Editor: Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a while since my last post--things have been super hectic!  Life can be a whirlwind sometimes, and even though there's a million things on my to-do list, I always try to embrace the messiness and be grateful for my very real, imperfect, and beautiful life. 

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for:

my amazing family for laughing through the craziness with me

my wonderful boyfriend for loving me and being my better half

my ridiculously fun and loyal friends and the epic adventures we have together

all of my readers and supporters and being able to launch my blog this year

good food, great weather, and the best life a girl could ask for

My mom is currently cooking up a storm in the kitchen, I'm studying and decorating (yes simultaneously and somewhat successfully) and everyone is on their way to the house.  I feel so blessed and I hope you do too!  

Share with me what you're most thankful for!  What traditions does your family honor this time of year?  I'd love to hear.  Have an amazing holiday and look forward to some more posts soon!

stay gold,


Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Little Gold Book!

about me:

I’m a current law student in Los Angeles, with a passion for all things beautiful and creative, thanks to my former event planning career. I love traveling the world, eating all kinds of food, and ending the day with champagne. I also love reading, contract negotiations, and laughing until my abs hurt. This blog is for me, and for you.

As I make my way down the professional path, I’m repeatedly confronted with the difficulties of being a girl in the corporate world. It’s hard to balance pretty and professional. It’s exhausting to stay fit when you’re at a desk ten hours of the day. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with friends when weekends don’t seem to exist because you’re busy catching up on sleep.

BUT I believe there’s nothing more important. It’s important to look good when you walk out the door in the morning, it’s important to feel good about your body and all it can do, it’s important to stay connected to the people you love. Why?  Because "success" without these things isn’t really success at all.  

about the blog:

This blog is dedicated to the girls out there who believe that success means balance. These girls are career girls: attorneys, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, analysts, editors, designers, and so much more. They love their job, but they love their life outside work just as much. They know that success is a result of hard work, but that it also depends on being polished, professional, happy and healthy. These girls are tired of being told they have to choose…between pretty or smart, between successful or balanced, and between the office or the home. They believe there is a way to have it all, and are drawing the map to their own success story.

This blog is an attempt to answer the question: how does she do it? It’s a guide to being successful in all the ways you want to be. I hope you find my tips & tricks useful, and would love to hear your ideas and feedback.

stay gold,