Thailand: The Land of Smiles

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you had a super amazing spring break! As you all probably know due to my instagram oversharing, I just got back from the most wonderful two weeks in Thailand. It was absolutely gorgeous and I completely fell in love. I wanted to share some of my favorite moments with you and some of my tips in case you're heading there any time soon!

  1. We took a speedboat tour to the Phi Phi Islands from Phuket through Phuket Sail Tours.  It was definitely my favorite part of the trip! They took us to the most amazing destinations. The water and beaches are so beautiful.  Sometimes the water looks emerald, as you can see in my photo of the longtail boat! I had to squeeze in a quick yoga practice on the beach because the gorgeous scenery had me saying namaste ;) my dancer pose is imperfect but the beach absolutely was.
  2. In Bangkok, we went shopping at the JJ Market, where we bought some great souvenirs and ate lots of yummy food. Thai food post coming soon! Next to it was the flower market...and of course I dragged my poor boyfriend there even though we were practically melting. The orchids were to die for but the lotus bouquets made my heart skip a beat. Lotus flowers are especially sacred in Thailand as they are central to the story of Buddha. Definitely go to as many local markets as you can when visiting Thailand!
  3. Finally, all my dreams came true when I got to play with a baby tiger. He was so soft and feisty and adorable...and for a short time I felt like real-life Princess Jasmine. I don't even need a magic carpet! Spending time with these babies was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. We chose Tiger Kingdom in Phuket for this experience because they have a better reputation as far as how they take care of the animals.

I hope you've enjoyed my journey as much as I've enjoyed sharing it with you. Next up I'll be sharing some yummy Thai recipes so I hope you're excited to spend some more time being Asian with me! Let me know if you want more specific recommendations--I'm happy to share!

stay gold,