Workout Series: Weight Lifting

Hi Loves,

It's almost MAY! Can you believe it??? I'm super excited for all the beach days ahead! Last week I talked about how I love yoga as part of my fitness routine. I also love weight lifting! Lifting really helps build my strength and confidence. I've been slacking off lately, but I promised myself this week I'd get back on it. I thought I'd share my weekly workout/lifting schedule with you! Let's stay motivated together.

Monday: Back & Shoulders

  • lat pull down, shoulder press, seated rows, pull ups, bent over rows

Tuesday: Yoga Sculpt Class or Barre Class + Abs

  • these classes offer a full body workout with light weights

Wednesday: Biceps & Triceps

  • bicep curls, skull crushers, overhead tricep press, push ups (tricep and wide arm)

Thursday: Legs & Booty

  • squats (with dumbells and barbells), lunges (with dumbells and barbells), bridges (with dumbbells on hips), stairmaster (with kickbacks), calf raises

Friday: Rest

  • on my first rest day, i still like to be active by taking a hike or walking on the beach

Saturday: Yoga Class or Barre Class + Abs

  • leg lifts, bicycle crunches, v ups, planks, russian twists with weighted ball, incline crunches with a weight plate

Sunday: Rest

  • to deal with my soreness at the end of the week, i'll either go to a hatha yoga class to stretch, or roll out my muscles using a foam roller
A great example of lifting technique courtesy of   Lorna Jane  .  They make the cutest workout clothes too!

A great example of lifting technique courtesy of Lorna Jane.  They make the cutest workout clothes too!

If you're just starting to weight lift, I recommend finding a personal trainer or maybe a friend who can teach you proper technique.  I love lifting with my guy friends who've been doing it for a while!  Lucky for me, some of them are certified personal trainers.  They push me hard and are never afraid to encourage me to lift heavier.  If you have girlfriends who lift, I'm sure they'd be glad to show you the ropes...and if you're the first, you can lead the way! 

Some Tips: Don't be afraid of heavy weights! You will NOT get bulky--you'll get lean and toned and gorgeous, I promise.  You should be lifting heavy enough that your last rep is tough, but not impossible.  If your last rep is a cakewalk, increase your weight.  If you feel like you're gonna collapse, take it down a notch.  Remember, form comes first!

I got this routine courtesy of my super fit cousin Michelle at! Check her out! If you have questions, just message me and I'll do my best to answer them. Of course, please consult a physician and professional trainer before starting any new workout routine.

stay gold,


Workout Series: Yoga

Hi Loves!

As summer comes closer, many of us are thinking about toning up and getting pool party ready! I thought it'd be the perfect time to do a series of workout posts.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing with you my typical fitness routine! Hopefully I inspire you to try something new and get active...a stronger, healthier you is just a few steps away!

My all time favorite workout is yoga! Yoga is strengthens both the body and mind and helps my muscles stay long and lean.  Yoga comes in many forms, but my favorite for calorie burning and muscle toning is ashtanga vinyasa yoga.  Vinyasa means "to flow" and this type of yoga trains you to use your breath as a power source when moving from one pose to another.  The room is slightly heated to help your muscles get warm and pliable. Below is a great beginner series you can try!

Many people think that yoga is simply a "rest day" activity, and while it is relaxing and helps to stretch sore muscles, I assure you that Vinyasa yoga is a full body strength workout as well! I take classes are Core Power Yoga, and really encourage everyone to try it.  Classes are free for 1 week for new members!

My body and mind have changed so much since I began to practice yoga regularly.  I'm stronger, more flexible, and overall feel less stressed.  Do you love yoga?  Do you want to try it? If you do let me know how it goes!  Let's share our yoga journey.

stay gold,


My Favorite Green Smoothie

Hi Everyone!

Over the weekend, we had law prom (yes, really!) and while there were no corsages or awkward dates, there was a lot of dressing up and a lot more open bar. As a result, I tricked my poor mid-twenties body into thinking it could handle liquor like a 21 year old sorority girl at UCSB.  MISTAKE.  SO MANY REGRETS.  I spent today getting back on tracking by doing hot yoga (painful but necessary) and drinking more veggies than an African Elephant (world's largest herbivore) consumes in a year.  Not really, but you get the idea.  Here's the recipe for my favorite green-detox-fit girl-fit life forever-i regret my poor weekend choices smoothie.


[Recipe makes about 2-3 smoothies]

2 cups greens (i like spinach or kale with stems removed)

2 cups liquid (coconut water, almond milk, fresh juice or any combo of these)

3 cups mixed frozen fruit (mango/pineapple/berries/peach)

Chopped ginger, Chia seeds, Phytonutrient powder, Protein powder (some or all)

  1. Blend the greens with the liquid first to make sure it's really smooth.  You can use more greens and less fruit if you are trying to minimize sugar consumption.
  2. Add in the fruit.  You can use a combination of frozen and fresh, but be sure to use something frozen or add ice cubes.  If you add ice, you'll need more liquid.
  3. Finally, add in all your "super" goodies at the end and blend until smooth.
  4. Chug until you feel normal and healthy and glowy again.  Repeat.  Force your roommate and/or significant other to try your green concoction also.  Sharing is caring!

stay gold,