Festive Fashion with Irresistible Me

Hi my loves!

The year has absolutely flown by.  My new job has been really demanding, leaving little time for the blog.  I miss you! With the upcoming holiday and new year, I wanted to share a quick hair tutorial and some festive frocks.  While you're out getting your gifts this week, be sure to grab something for yourself!

My favorite style to wear during the holidays is super easy, and just requires some help from Irresistible Me real hair extensions.  I'm wearing pretty much the full pack of Royal Remy 22" set here.  Right now their sets are up to 80% off so I highly recommend picking up some!

For this style, I first clipped up half my hair on top.  Then I clipped in the full large weft to the bottom half of my hair.  That's the "half down" part you see here.

Then, I clipped some smaller wefts into the top half, parted that half down the middle, like I'm making pigtails, and did a regular braid on each side.  I brought the braids together, folded them over each other, and just pinned to create the intricate weave look.

The front looks like simple half up style, but everyone is always surprised by the intricate back! And trust me, it takes like ten minutes to do.  Clip, braid, pin.  Messy is good!

My extensions have held up really well.  I style them and curl them, but try not to use products. Just be gentle and yours will last just as long!  They still feel soft and healthy.If you need help picking out a length or color, check out my first post here

Now that you have the hair down....I picked out some outfits for all the parties you still have!  I think I'll be wearing a jumpsuit this new year's because I'm going to a concert...What are you doing?  I'm super excited to be going home to LA.  I miss the sunshine!

I hope you have the happiest holiday season!  In my new year's post, I'll be sharing what next year may bring for little gold book, but for now, let's enjoy the festivities and drink extra bubbly!

stay gold,