In My Bag: Travel Essentials

Hi Everyone!

I'm off to Thailand with my love and am so excited!  As I was packing, I realized that deciding what to put in your carry on "personal" bag can be tough to narrow down.  Or maybe I'm just a chronic overpacker.  hehe.  Anyways, I thought I'd share with you my in-flight essentials.

  1. Madewell Transport Tote • Madewell • $168: I use this to carry everything in! It's big enough to help me stuff with souvenirs when I'm heading home.
  2. Hello Kitty Memory Foam Neck Pillow • Earth Therapeutics • $14: This is a must have for sleeping on the plane.  I usually bring sleeping pills to help me along as well.
  3. Wildfox Lovers Bouquet Sleep Mask • Wildfox Couture • $28: I can't sleep if there's light, so I use this cute eyemask to say goodnight to the world.
  4. TopShop Tortoiseshell Sunglasses • TopShop • $30:  Sunglasses are essential for hiding my dark circles, dehydrated skin, and no makeup look when I get off my flight.
  5. Aquaphor Lip Repair • Aquaphor • $4.99: My skin is super dry and stale airplane air does not help--I use this amazing lip balm everyday, but I slather on extra during flights.
  6. FRENDS Taylor Rose Gold Over-Ear Headphones • FRENDS • $285: I love to use these for when I'm watching movies or listening to music.  Essentials not listed here include my kindle and iphone pre-loaded with spotify playlists.
  7. Lemlem Samara gauze scarf • Lemlem • $85: I always take a big scarf to use as a blanket because I tend to get cold on planes.  This one serves as a sarong once I get to the beach!
  8. Evian Facial Water Spray • Evian • $12.50: Skin always gets parched up in the air.  I use this facial mist to keep my skin looking fresh.  It also rejuvenates your makeup!

Bon Voyage loves!  I'll be MIA from the blog for the next two weeks or so.  Keep up with me on instagram to follow my journey through Bangkok, Phuket, and Phi Phi.  Have fun & be safe if you're traveling for spring break too!

stay gold,