Tutorial: Magnolia Wreath

Happy December!

The holiday season is officially here, and I'm so excited! I love decorating, looking at lights, drinking too much champagne, and picking out the perfect gift.  This year, I started off the season by making my own wreath.  I used fresh magnolia leaves because I love how the glossy green side of the leaf contrasts the soft tobacco brown. *swoon* This project is pretty easy, but takes a lot of time and patience, so maybe make some boozy hot chocolate to enhance the experience ;) 




magnolia leaves

12 gauge floral wire

wooden floral picks

16 inch wire wreath form

hot glue



1. Gather lots and lots of fresh magnolia leaves.  Ask a friend to for their leaves, "borrow" some from a parking lot tree (wink wink), or order some from eBay.  You'll need about 300 + leaves for a wreath this size.

2. Rinse off the leaves and let them dry. Cut branches into a manageable size--no more than 3-5 leaves and stems no longer than 7 inches.  With 3-5 individual leaves, make little bundles.  Alternate the leaves to show both the brown and green sides, and wire them together onto a wood pick.

3. Begin tucking your bigger branches into the wreath form, working in one direction.  I went counter-clockwise.  Secure these branches with wire or  hot glue as needed.

4.  Fill in any gaps with the individual leaf bundles you made.  Wire them in securely!

5.  Hang up your beautiful wreath, add a bow for a super festive look, and enjoy the holidays!


If you have any questions, just ask! How are you decorating this season? Show me your wreath when it's done! Use the hashtag #myLGB and #littlegoldbook so I can see :)

stay gold,