The Perfect Resume

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Today we're talking resumes. Your resume is the paper version of yourself. Though it may be impossible to convey how bright you shine on a piece of paper, nonetheless, it's what will likely land you an interview.  A polished resume shows off your strengths and tells your story, completely capturing the reader's attention. Notwithstanding strawberry scented paper ala Elle Woods, here are my tips for the perfect resume.


  • Start with your name & contact information at the top, as a bold heading

  • Organize you resume in chronological order, starting with the most recent experience 

  • Use bullet points, bolding, and underlining to ensure easy reading


  • Use action words to describe your experiences

  • Try words like "created", "managed", "initiated"

  • Show exactly what you did and why it makes you a B-O-S-S!


  • Tailor your resume to the job you're applying for

  • Emphasize skills you've acquired that are most applicable to this job

  • Leadership, creativity, and organization are skills valued in all jobs

an inspiring desk makes for a perfect resume!

an inspiring desk makes for a perfect resume!


  • Talk about your experiences in numbers, it makes it more real
  • You managed X interns, You fundraised ___$, You drafted X contracts


  • Edit, then ask someone you trust to edit, then edit again!

  • Style your resume so it's visually pleasing--look for balance

  • Print on beautiful, heavy, (nonscented) paper

If you're in a creative industry, feel free to play with colors and design.  If you're in a more conservative industry, I recommend sticking to neutral fonts and colors.  Overall, make it EASY and FUN to read!  Make the reader want to know you better.

What do you think are resume essentials?  Do you have any tips or tricks you'd like to share?

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